OP-ED: Hemlock, A Love Story

It’s Valentine’s Day today! I never used to enjoy the holiday, considering it a gross consumerfest with little regard for the story of St. Valentine and what his martyrdom represented. I’ve since changed my view, and choose to view it as a day celebrating the endurance of love and compassion.

In honour of it, I wrote a piece for the university newspaper telling my favourite love story of all time. 

I hope you enjoy it!


January Sum-Up Post

January has been a big and busy month for me! I do know, though, that it’s only going to get busier…


I spent a beautiful Christmas with my family back in Singapore. Mum’s birthday is just before Christmas, so we basically had two days of food and funtimes! It was really great to be back home with the cats too, especially Mila, who’s terminally ill but managing alright. Whenever her arthritis complies, she runs around having fun and playing, and she goes out for her walk every day even on the bad days, which she never used to do (she’d just stay inside sleeping). I think it’s like with humans – when you brush death, you have this sudden, ecstatic urge to start living. I’m so glad she had the strength to stay on until New Year’s. Freyja, Oliver, and Molly are also doing well. Molly is ridiculously fat now, it’s amazing. Oliver is still moody, but we’re also seeing that he’s starting to get on in years! I think he’s being a little dramatic about it though 😉 Freyja was up to her usual antics of course! Continue reading January Sum-Up Post

“Little by little one travels far…”

Extracts from my full piece, which is available on LiveJournal.

And so has the road gone, beneath my feet, as I’ve journeyed through my love for Tolkien’s work, and all the forms it is taken, and incarnations in which it was expressed. It is worth remembering, for it has been long, and much has happened, and many memories, no matter how mundane or material, deserve to be remembered for themselves. Let this be, then, something of a record, a personal indulgence, for my own sake, like a scrapbook of words preserved in the great technological cloud of our era. Let this be a map and a chart of the road that has come down from my door, which I have pursued with eager feet indeed.

It began in my seventh year, when the months were drawing down into the monsoon, and minds were turning to Deepavali and Christmas afterwards. One drizzly evening, in the largest bookstore on the island of Singapore, my home, my mother put a book into my hands that would come to change me forever. It sounds dramatic; it sounds clichéd. Whatever presumptions may try and dissuade you believing, however, it is the truth. Continue reading “Little by little one travels far…”