Writing Competitions

I’m excited to say that as one of my goals for this year, I intend to begin work on some pieces for a few different writing competitions. Many are currently running, with deadlines at the end of this month, the next, and May.

I’m not sure why the concept of engaging in a writing competition never appealed to me – perhaps it was the word, ‘competition’. I’m competitive, but more in the way of one that competes because one is compelled, rather than because one wills it. I do not enter myself in competitions; only once in high school, for example, did I try running for student government! Something about pitting one person against another – gnashing teeth and general malcontentedness, I suppose.

My perception on this has changed however, and I think much of it has to do with participating for the first time this year in a fanfiction challenge month (more on that to come). Completing prompts; learning to say a lot with a little in fixed-word pieces; engaging in the community, having other people comment on your work; moving towards a goal and getting a reward – nothing material in this case, just the sheer satisfaction of a fan that also happens to be a creative.

I’ve researched several competitions and will be preparing entries for about four (if my time permits me to do so). I seek no reward – only to have the experience, to try, to let other people read my work. And if I succeed? All the better, for then I shall have my words endorsed in a magazine or a website, that I can point family and friends to and say, “Look at this! Dreams can come true, for all that the cliché discourages you from the notion.”

I look forward to updating on my progress on these competitions! Soon to come, a little entry about my participation in the Back to Middle-earth Month 2017 Challenge.

‘Til then, keep well, and all the best!