NaNoWriMo Update


Just crossed the 45k mark! I’m less than 1 day behind now. A bit more slogging tomorrow (well…it’s today already, technically) and I’ll make the deadline. SO exciting! A proper long update to come after NaNo is over. Weekdays are not conducive to writing several thousands words of novel AND a nice, full length blogpost. Sunday was rad. I want the weekend again.


Look at that sharp upward slope! Sure as hell makes up for the doldrums, I should think…


I think I am most excited about completing NaNoWriMo so that I can not only go back and fix up the story, but so I can focus on creating the original language that is sampled in it! I’m so in love with coming up with vocabulary and decoding the grammatical intricacies, but alas, I cannot spare the time! Soon!

NaNoWriMo: Wordcount update!


At last, progress! Lord knows I’m far behind, but I’ve inched closer than I’ve done in days. I got 37,878 out of a 43, 333 word target, which is farther than I thought I’d be able to catch up. Looking forward to more work tomorrow (in between finishing my econs problems, of course) to reach out for that 45, 000 word mark.