About My Writing


I am in the process of writing a duology tentatively entitled ‘The Icuzhan’, a new adult fantasy. The first book, ‘A Sanctuary of Thorns’, is currently being drafted. There is also an untitled spinoff in the works. Creation of these books also entails heavy worldbuilding including geography, culture, language, and mythology. There is much to discuss, so I hope to be slowly updating you about it!

Current pitch: Marij Ifzhin, the heir to a lost line of half-mortal, half-divine kings and queens, is compelled to rise above her family’s dereliction and defend her country from it bloodthirsty regime, all while a strange new threat seethes at the borders.

Additionally, I will soon be publishing a series of short stories as monthly serials, with the first chapter online and additional chapters available to those who subscribe to updates from this blog. 


As is the way of most authors, I began my writing in the realm of FanFiction. You can take a look at some of my pieces below. I advise you to bookmark the pages – should my original work gain traction, I will remove these links!

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