“I Write Like…”

So I took this little test just now, that supposedly analyses your work and declares which writer your style is most similar to. Most curious!


Writing Competitions

I’m excited to say that as one of my goals for this year, I intend to begin work on some pieces for a few different writing competitions. Many are currently running, with deadlines at the end of this month, the next, and May.

I’m not sure why the concept of engaging in a writing competition never appealed to me – perhaps it was the word, ‘competition’. I’m competitive, but more in the way of one that competes because one is compelled, rather than because one wills it. I do not enter myself in competitions; only once in high school, for example, did I try running for student government! Something about pitting one person against another – gnashing teeth and general malcontentedness, I suppose.

My perception on this has changed however, and I think much of it has to do with participating for the first time this year in a fanfiction challenge month (more on that to come). Completing prompts; learning to say a lot with a little in fixed-word pieces; engaging in the community, having other people comment on your work; moving towards a goal and getting a reward – nothing material in this case, just the sheer satisfaction of a fan that also happens to be a creative.

I’ve researched several competitions and will be preparing entries for about four (if my time permits me to do so). I seek no reward – only to have the experience, to try, to let other people read my work. And if I succeed? All the better, for then I shall have my words endorsed in a magazine or a website, that I can point family and friends to and say, “Look at this! Dreams can come true, for all that the cliché discourages you from the notion.”

I look forward to updating on my progress on these competitions! Soon to come, a little entry about my participation in the Back to Middle-earth Month 2017 Challenge.

‘Til then, keep well, and all the best!



Update on Projects

Okay, I’ve been just dreadful at updating this place ever since NaNoWriMo ended. Thus, let this be a little marker for 2017 and a tenuous promise for more regular posting.

I am currently working on three writing projects that are all at different stages.

  1. A full overhaul of my NaNoWriMo project, ‘Remember the Rise’. A top-to-toe revision that will likely involve massive rewrites.
  2. A novella-that-may-turn-out-to-be-a-novel entitled ‘An Immortal Fortress’. Currently in the planning stage, hope to start drafting soon.
  3. My 1930s historical novel ‘The Line’, which is being outlined. This is lower on the priority list and kind of just a thing I look at once every month or so.

Will try and make regular posts from now on – once a weekend, if not more often!

NaNoWriMo Update

Just crossed the 45k mark! I’m less than 1 day behind now. A bit more slogging tomorrow (well…it’s today already, technically) and I’ll make the deadline. SO exciting! A proper long update to come after NaNo is over. Weekdays are not conducive to writing several thousands words of novel AND a nice, full length blogpost. Sunday was rad. I want the weekend again.

Look at that sharp upward slope! Sure as hell makes up for the doldrums, I should think…

I think I am most excited about completing NaNoWriMo so that I can not only go back and fix up the story, but so I can focus on creating the original language that is sampled in it! I’m so in love with coming up with vocabulary and decoding the grammatical intricacies, but alas, I cannot spare the time! Soon!