The Next Phase

I’m once again commencing regular updates of my novelling – both as a record for posterity’s sake, and also as a mechanism of accountability. You’ve got to deliver if you’re not the only person with a stake in something. That’s not to say you shouldn’t deliver if you’re the only one that cares, but it’s much easier to fall away into self-perceived mediocrity and sloth otherwise, and don’t I know it.

So, as a quick roadmap of the journey ahead, I’ve started revisions of A Sanctuary of Thorns, a story first conceived in 2013 that has undergone stupendously radical changes in the five years that followed. It’s finally in a place where I think I have a conceivable way of expressing the tale I want to tell. Over on my personal blog, I’ve outlined the general steps I’m going to take in the process of preparing it for eventual publication. Continue reading The Next Phase