NaNoWriMo Update: Steady As She Goes

And now I just so happen to be sitting pretty at 42, 774 words!


I had an unexpected flash of focus today; lord knows how. I slept at 4:30am the previous night for reasons unbeknownst to myself (I think I was writing? I think I was writing). And yet, I STILL managed to wake before my 10am alarm! Not bad 💪🏼 And then I started to write, and after about an hour of floundering (and eating) I really started to write in earnest. Wasn’t a flurry, but was a steady plod. I checked my word count periodically, delighted as it shot up 500 words at a time. And now, I’m not far off!! If I can catch up about 3000 words before tomorrow, I’ll only be one day behind. Now that is MUCH easier to make up, I should think.

At the moment, I realise I may be dwelling too long on certain scenes, but that is all for the editing process, of course. There is a certain sense of ‘stagnation’ in the plot but perhaps that could just be me (all of this was, after all, written will sitting on my bed on a Sunday). Anyway, come December 1, I can look back and tidy up everything. I do admit that I’m becoming more aware of specific plot problems and am able to make notes that I need return to them come editing time. I also know that I definitely need to add more energy and interest in Part I of the novel. Another plus, however, is that I’m becoming more and more certain of the thematic direction I want this book to take. I don’t think I was certain of the major themes, and no less the very important aspect of why the were the major themes of this specific volume of the story. However, I’m know becoming more aware.

I like to consider the 3 Layers of Conflict for telling the characters’ stories themselves, and when I layer themes it’s no different (though often unconscious – I only realise later that I’ve done this!). They are Global (external), Local (interpersonal), and Personal. I learned the ‘global’ and ‘local’ terms many years ago, back when I did drama, so they may belong to a specific technique (Epic Theatre?) that I’ve forgotten.

I’ve come to conclude that the overarching theme of the entire series is ego. The ego of man, of specific groups of men, and of specific types of men. War, religion, ethics, power, and temptation weave around below it. Even further below, the struggles between selfishness and selflessnes, moving forward and living in the past.

It’s been good to come to a greater awareness of the thematic focuses at each level and their interplay. I think it helps give this story some coherence, particularly in these stages of the writing, that I can go back and append the earlier fragments to.

Anyway, back to writing! I need to rack up those 3000 (and finish my economics…oops!).

Peace x


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: Steady As She Goes

  1. This sound so good that I’m both extremely excited about your ingenious plot and a little bit jelly because I’d never be able to do the same 🙂 I guess I’m so happy on your behalf 😀 Never heard about the theory, but sounds very right.

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