The Struggle Begins

Okay, perhaps that title is a little pessimistic. And also somewhat misleading, considering this journey has been going on for the past 5 years. But this is the first time I will be publicly sharing the joys and woes of creative writing, and a struggle isn’t always necesssarily a wholly woeful affair. Hell, struggles are character building.

I plan to chart my journey on the way to my first full length novel, tentatively titled ‘Remember the Rise’, along with other thoughts, ramblings, and writing projects. Maybe the occasional post about my cats or my music. Whatever transpires, I’m excited for you to join me! Do keep in touch.



One thought on “The Struggle Begins

  1. The marionette analogy is particularly effective. My attempts at writing have been few and far between. But my efforts at managing arth wri tis (ha ha) have been good….overcome the pain , yes!!


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